Maple Day Cream SPF 15

Maple Day Cream SPF 15

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A super emollient hydrating day cream for the face and neck areas that helps supplement the skin’s natural oils diminished by the aging process, environmental sun damage or after an illness. This formula contains a very high concentration of Bio-Maple™ Compound, key water-binding ingredients and vitamins A and E to hydrate, nourish and condition skin. This preparation is also useful for healing scars, softening cheloids, and as a spot treatment for psoriasis and dry skin patches.

50 mL / 1.7 fl oz

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Contains a very high concentration of our exclusive Bio-Maple™ Compound, a water soluble extract of the maple tree known for its moisturizing properties.

Helps replace lost moisture in the skin’s stratum corneum (top layer).

Soluble collagen helps increase skin plumpness.

Helps heal scars and soften cheloids.

SPF 15 sunscreens helps prevent sunburn, which may contribute to premature skin aging.

Can be used as a spot treatment for extra dry, itchy patches.

  • Octinoxate 7.5%: UVB sunscreen
  • Oxybenzone 4.5%: UVB sunscreen
  • Avobenzone 2%: UVA sunscreen
  • Sodium Lactate: Exfoliator derived from lactic acid; anti-microbial with humectant properties.
  • Soluble Collagen: Helps to increase surface skin plumpness.
  • Squalane: A fine emollient to keep the skin protected and moisturized.

Apply liberally and evenly each morning to cleansed face and neck 15 minutes before sun exposure and as needed. Reapply at least every 2 hours. Use a water-resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating. For children under 6 months of age, please consult a physician before use.


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